Salomé & her time on our English PLUS Work Placement Programme

Salomé Levy from Paris in France came to Dublin earlier this year as part of City Language School’s English PLUS Work Placement Programme. We were delighted to sit down with Salomé to chat to her about her reasons for choosing the programme and her time in Dublin so far.

“I came to Ireland because I really didn’t know what I was doing with my life,” says the 19-year-old. “This year was a type of gap year. I came across a platform that offers courses at a school and the same school will help you find a job. I found some places in England but because of all the E.U. stuff and things around COVID it was way more complicated. Ireland was just so much easier and I had never been here before so I was interested.\”

After paying a visit to Dublin to check it out, Salomé decided City Language School was the perfect spot.

“I chose City Language School because they offered help to find a job,” says Salome. “I didn’t want to just go abroad and have school for six months. I wanted to do something more and earn some money. So when I saw that the school helped you find work I made my decision.”

When she arrived in Ireland, Salome’s level of English was already extremely high. Due to the school\’s high standards there was still plenty for Salomé to learn however and she used her four weeks in class at City Language School to polish her English and find out more about the nuances of the language. While she enjoyed her time in class, Salomé was focussed on not just learning English but also living it.

“I wanted to mix classes with work because I wanted to do a little bit of class just to make sure of things and learn new things,\” she says. \”But I think working and being in real life situations, helps improve your English even more. You’re with real people. So, for example, in Ireland there are different accents that you have to get used to, there’s slang and there are different ways of saying things that are not typical [of standard] English.”

Included in the English PLUS Work Placement Programme were extra classes and workshops that focussed on obtaining work; both the language and the practicalities. Salomé was helped in her task by the dedicated Work Placement team of Sara Hensch and Barry Monaghan.

“The process involved having one to two classes per week of Work Placement,” says Salome. “They help you to practise for interviews, you have to create your own C.V. but they help you and correct you all along the way. Then they send those CVs to companies they are in contact with. The companies get in touch for interviews or trials. So that’s what happened. I got a call back, did a trial and now I’m working with Boojum. So it was great.”

Boojum is a well-known Mexican restarant in Smithfield Square that has a reputation for fresh food, tortillas, tacos and other tasty treats.

“It’s my first time working in a restaurant,\” says Salomé. \”I like it. You kind of do everything so you’re not just working in one part of the restaurant. Sometimes you\’re serving at the counter, sometimes out doing deliveries or you\’re in the kitchen with the chefs. So there\’s a good mix of things to do and it\’s a good experience.\”

Even though Salomé no longer attends class, the team at City Language School keep in constant contact; something that she genuinely appreciates.

“Even after I finished my course, the school is still in touch with me,\” she says. \”There is always contact. I can email anyone in the school and they always get back to me immediately. Until I leave Ireland for good there will always be contact and that makes me happy. That’s very reassuring.” 

City Language School Dublin

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