Three things to do this Valentine\’s Day in Dublin

Love is in the air at City Language School Dublin this weekend so we want to let our students know what we think are the best things to see and do around Dublin in their free time. Here are three recommendations for Valentine\’s Day in Dublin this weekend. It\’s all just a little romantic.


St. Valentine’s Relics, Whitefriar St. Church, Dublin 2

Dublin isn\’t Paris or Rome but there is plenty of romance to find here. In fact, Dublin hosts the relics of St. Valentine. Just a few minutes from the school you can visit the shrine to the patron saint of love and maybe take inspiration for your next romantic quest. Be sure to get here early on the 14th as lots of people will be lined up to make proposals and get their marriages blessed.

Valentine\'s day in Dublin

Two Parties for Valentine\’s Day

Tinder Party, D2 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

This is a free party but you have to register to avoid disappointment. The concept is pretty simple. Instead of using your phone to tell people you like them you will be given likes and super-likes at the door that you will be free to hand out like confetti. Speaking of confetti, the organisers say they have lots of it.

McGowan\’s, 17 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7

This has become something of a famous night around this part of Dublin and the Valentine\’s night version promises to be a bit of craic.

The event kicks off at 9:00pm sharp and is upstairs in the nightclub where there will be a DJ, ganes and plenty of single people looking for love. We provide everything to break the ice, so you have nothing to worry about, just come along on the night, come alone or bring your wing man/wing woman!

Go for a romantic swim, Vico Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin

You will need to be brave for this one. It will be cold but it might well be the most memorable swim you will ever have. First you will need to take the train to Dalkey and then you have a pretty long walk before you find the ladder to the sea. It can be tricky to find but follow the signs and here you’ll find handrails and a ladder leading into the water, and an adjoining seawater pool if the sea gets too choppy. What’s more, you might make some friendly new swimming friends, as the sea here is home to dolphins, porpoises and seals.