Turkish Students

Turkish Students Dublin Delight

At City Language School Dublin we welcome people from all over the world. Over the last three years we have seen an noticeable increase in students coming to us from beautiful Turkey. With its rich history and culture, Turkey has a lot in common with Ireland, so it is no surprise that when they come to join us at our city centre campus, Turkish students feel right at home.

We have been lucky to sit down with many of our Turkish students to find out about thier experiences with us and here are just a few snippets of what they said.


I had some great teachers but Sophia really stood out for me. She was so helpful and always there. No matter what you ask she has the answer. I learnt a lot from her. I finished my Advanced Plus level with Stuart and he was also great. So I think I really learnt a lot at the school. In fact I know I have improved.

Turkish Students



“I think the most important thing though is that you feel very comfortable. You study English but at the same time you have fun, you meet new people from different countries so you learn a lot about life and become very open-minded and more mature. We didn’t just talk about English (speaking) cultures.”



“I work in a café in Howth,” says Tugba. “It’s a nice place to work. I work on making the panini. People are nice but it is hard work. The customers are nice. I’m learning some English here too. There is a mix of Italians and Georgians working here. I live in Temple Bar with two Indians, a Slovak and an American so we have to speak English at home. That is good for me. It’s a cool apartment too in the middle of everything.”

Between work in the café, her lessons at City Language School and her mixed nationality apartment, Tugba’s English is coming along nicely. Her confidence has grown and with a friend she recently won a school video competition in which they both had to present to camera. Such is the success of her time here, Tugba has decided to extend her stay.

“Yes I was originally just staying for four months but I want to stay on. I think I want to stay a little more, work a little longer and keep practicing my English.”


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