Turkish Students

Dilara is Turkish Delighted with City Language School

Dilara is one of our many Turkish students at City Language School. The 30-year-old studied with us for two years. When she finished with us late in December 2020 we caught up with her to see what she had to say. We are so glad we did.

Why did you decide to come to Dublin?

In the first place I didn\’t think of Dublin but when I started to do research, I saw that here was one of the cheapest options. There were more opportunities to stay here after studying and a big factor was I could work here while I was studying. In Malta, for example, you have to wait a few months and other countries don\’t even give you the opportunity to work. Dublin had more opportunities while studying.

What was it about the school that you liked?

Ok to be honest when it was Oscars it was only OK but I think things have changed now. The management and backroom staff are much better, even the reception has changed. It became more friendly, more helpful I think. Róisín was very helpful. She helped me a lot. On the academic side of things Aoife is great and Vedrana was always there when I needed her. 

Who were your teachers?

I had some great teachers but Sophia really stood out for me. She was so helpful and always there. No matter what you ask she has the answer. I learnt a lot from her. I finished my Advanced Plus level with Stuart and he was also great. So I think I really learnt a lot at the school. In fact I know I have improved.

How many different nationalities were there?

At the beginning there were so many Brazilians but now it is more mixed. 

Are you staying in Dublin?

I like Dublin. I like being in a multicultural city. I can see a future for myself here. People are great here. I feel I can be myself here and people will accept me for who I am. I live in Harold’s Cross and that is close to the city centre and very nice.

Your Language School in Dublin City Centre

City Language School is right in the heart of Dublin City Centre. Dublin is the proud and vibrant capital of Ireland and with its cosmopolitan and modern feel, it has repeatedly been voted Europe’s friendliest city by Trip Advisor. Dublin boasts strong links with literature, music, dance and storytelling. As you walk through the streets of Temple Bar, you can absorb the musical tradition which spills onto the streets from the many bars and restaurants; truly a city of enormous beauty! Dublin is surrounded by breath-taking natural scenery that will leave you with lifelong memories. It is perfectly located on the eastern coastline of Ireland and is a convenient gateway to the rest of Europe.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Dublin on Dame Street, giving you easy access to the whole city of Dublin as well as bus and tram lines for you to get around.