Three on a Thursday – No need to chide lovely Malahide

At City Language School Dublin we like to let our students know what we think are the best things to see and do around Dublin in their free time. After a busy week of learning English we know it is important to wind down and relax. So here are three recommendations for this weekend. All of these places of interest are close to Malahide so if you\’re coming from town hop on the DART and get out to this wonderful seaside location.

Visit of the Weekend – Malahide Castle

Ireland is renowned for its numerous castles, some of which date back over 1,000 years. Parts of this extraordinary building are over 800 years old and it\’s still in pretty good nick. You can visit the castle itself but tickets are quite expensive. The good news is that there i lots to do on the grounds of the castle. There is a wonderful fairy trail and if you\’re looking after the kids at the weekend there is an amazing playground. There is also a really interesting butterfly house. In short you can spend nothing but hours in this place and still have money in your pocket.

Malahide castle

Walk of the Weekend – Malahide Beach 

Whether it\’s a big or a small beach really depends on the tide (and of course your perspective). Portmarnock Beach which is just down the road is probably better if you are looking for a straight non-stop walk but the beach just outside the town of Malahide is very charming and if the sunset is right, downright romantic. It\’s also very handy for finishing your day at our next location…


Pub of the Weekend – Gibney\’s 

Gibney\’s is very well-known, not just in the village itself, but throughout Dublin. It has both a wine bar and a sports bar but we think if you are looking for the more traditional feel you will want to settle in the lounge for a few cosy pints and a bit of a chat. It\’s a tough place to leave once you get in there.