Three on a Thursday – The Liberties

At City Language School Dublin we like to let our students know what we think are the best things to see and do around Dublin in their free time. After a busy week of learning English, we know it is important to wind down and relax. So here are three recommendations for this weekend and

Visit of the Weekend – Liberty Market

We are fairly sure there is no other place like this on earth. It is not Harrod\’s of London by any stretch of the imagination and getting between some of its stalls can be a bit of a challenge on a busy Saturday afternoon. But this market, on the neighbourhood\’s main thoroughfare, Meath Street, is a treasure trove of everything from the useful to the useless. Be prepared to haggle and be sure to have your wits about you. Many of the traders here have thick, rich and wonderful Dublin accents and might be tough to understand if you are not used to it but it is an experience you are unlikely to forget. You are guaranteed bargains!

Liberty Market (pic: RTE)

Coffee shop of the Weekend – Legit

Just across the road from the Liberty Market is Legit Coffee. This coffee shop is certainly the funkiest shop on the street and has brought a new type of clientele to the area. It has an absolutely fantastic selection of cakes and the coffee is top quality. The staff are an extremely friendly yet laid back bunch who conduct themselves in an unfussy and helpful manner. One of the best coffee shops in Dublin bar none.


Pub of the Weekend – Fallon\’s

Not far from Meath Street and at the bottom of Francis Street is the small but cosy Fallon\’s. This pub has a long history and was once owned by a famous 19th century boxer named Dan Donnelly. This is a quiet traditional pub and is place for friends to catch up and talk. They have a fine pint of Guinness and if you can get into the snug, you will find it hard to leave. A great way to end the day (or maybe begin the night).