Three on a Thursday – Hugh Lane, Blessington Basin & Around

At City Language School Dublin we like to let our students know what we think are the best things to see and do around Dublin in their free time. After a busy week of learning English, we know it is important to wind down and relax. So here are our Three on a Thursday – three recommendations for this weekend. This week we are going back over to the north side.

Visit of the Weekend – The Hugh Lane Gallery

It\’s small, it\’s beautiful and it\’s utterly unique. The Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell Square is a real gem. The history behind its eventual founding is worthy of an epic movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and many of its pictures are world famous including Renoir\’s The Umbrellas and other works by well-known European and Irish artists. But most interesting of all is the area dedicated to Irish artist Francis Bacon, whose studio was moved piece-by-piece to Dublin after his death in 1992. It is an incredible space and gives a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the great artists of the 20th century.


Walk of the Weekend – Blessington Basin

This is a short one but it\’s a most pleasant spot to spend a few minutes either having a picnic or just chilling out with friends. The Blessington Basin was built in the mid-19th century as a reservoir for parts of north Dublin. In fact, it continued to supply water to whiskey distilleries until much more recently – to Jameson until 1970, and to Power’s until 1976. BY the 1990\’s it was turned into a public park and since it was done up in the 1990\’s it has become an oasis of tranquility in what is a much underrate part of the city.


Pub of the Week – Various

In this neck of the woods, it really is difficult to choose. This part of town is very close to Phibsborough, an area that has become quite trendy in recent years. Cummiskey\’s is a great spot for a quite pint on an afternoon but for later in the evening you might be better off heading up to McGowan\’s or Clarkes. Either way you will be sure to have some good fun.


Have a great weekend!