Three This Thursday – Culture Night Dublin

There is always something to do in this small but lively town and that’s why we love it so much. At City Language School English School Dublin, we let our students know what’s going on in the great city (aka town) and this week we have a look at three events that are happening near Dublin City Centre and further afield. 

This week we are all about Culture Night in Dublin.

There is lots to choose from this weekend but the stand out night is definitely Friday when Dublin throws open its doors and welcomes people in for Culture Night. We have picked out just three events we think you might like but there are many more to choose from right here.

Ableton Push Playground, Rory Gallagher Corner, Meeting House Sq, D2 –  6pm – 9pm

About two minutes from the school, this is a fun way to get your Cultrue Night started. If you like Electronic music then why not go and make some. Visit the Sound Training College for a series of exciting and informative Ableton 10 sessions. Certified Ableton 10 trainer Martin Clancy will be running sessions in Ableton 10 every 20 minutes with the help of his talented team of producers. This training offers a fantastic chance for beginners in electronic music to get to grips with some of the industry’s leading software.

City Language School Culture Night Dublin


Club Conradh na Gaeilige, Trad Session & Ceili, 6 Harcourt Street

This will be epic. A trad session and Ceili with everyone (well most people) speaking in Irish around you. This is a great little club on any day but on Friday night it will be packed and sweaty. The session kicks off at 8.30pm but it could be very busy very quickly. It is also only down the road from Dicey\’s!

Culture Night in Dublin


Dance Ireland, DanceHouse, Liberty Corner, Foley St, D1 – 4pm – 9pm

Dance Ireland is a professional dance organisation. It is home to professional dance artists, companies, and evening dance classes for all.  On Friday they will be running dance workshops, perforing and showing films for children & adults in the studios and throughout the building. This promises to be one of the highlights of the night. There is more about there schedule for the day right here.