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Three on Thursday – Comedy, Theatre & Music

We are changing our Three on Thursday recommendations to reflect the fact that many events across the city have been cancelled. We hope to be back to normal soon but in the meantime there is plenty of culture to be had online.

This week’s Three on Thursday takes you through some clips and snippets related to Ireland and Irish culture. We hope you enjoy them and maybe learn something from them. If you have any recommendations for videos, please let us know.

Dylan Moran talks about Canada, the USA & Arnold Schwarzenegger – Montreal 2005

Dylan Moran is an Irish stand up comedian and actor from Navan. He is known for his roles in Shaun Of The Dead, Run Fatboy Run and Black Books. In this clip, at the famous Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, he wonders at the wonder of the United States and concludes that it is the country in the world where Arnold Schwarzenegger could become a governor.

Horslips – The Book of Invasions

Horslips were an Irish Prog-Rock band from the 1970s who many people believe should have been bigger than they were. The group are regarded as \’founding fathers of Celtic rock\’ for their fusion of traditional Irish music with rock music and went on to inspire many local and international acts.They still have a large cult following around the world. Perhaps it\’s time you joined the crew.

Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett was born and raised in Dublin. He spent much of his adult life in Paris where he wrote most of his plays in French. You will need to invest a lot of your time and a lot of yourself to get the most of Samuel Beckett\’s most famous play. Even for English speakers, this play can be challenging. One reason for this is that nobody really knows what the play is about. For many people, nothing really happens in it, but there is really so much. Settle down, get some popcorn and see if you can stick it. It really is fantastic.

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