Three of Dublin\’s Best Movies

With mountains, sea and a city full of craic, Dublin is great place to base a movie. The city is full of stories and people who are willing to tell them. Add the Irish penchant for a little drama (we are quite Latin that way) and you may as well be in Hollywood – without all the botox.

Here are three of our favourite films taht feature Dublin and might help you get used to the accent – subtitles advised.

The Committments (1988)

This classic music based movie is based on a book by author, Roddy Doyle. It tells the story of a bunch of musicians and their manager\’s efforts to keep them together. It is funny but even if you don\’t get all the jokes the music and live scenes are fantastic. The Commitments is all about the rise and rapid fall of cinema\’s greatest band. Funny and full of great songs. Check out this version of Try a Little Tenderness above.

Once (2007)

Another music based movie and shot in a very loose manner, this movie is a little romantic gem – even if some of the scenes are totally unbelievable. The main characters both went on the win Oscars and the red-head (Glen Hansard) is often seen knocking around town. The English in this is a little easier to understand but still you might need subtitles to get the most out of it.

Sing Street (2016)

Those of you who live around Dublin 8/Portobello will recognise some of the locations. The film was shot around Synge Street but the movie is called Sing Street…see? Anyway, a lovely fell good movie and yes again it has ots of music. In terms of English, the language is pretty clear as are the voices so it shouldn\’t be too difficult to follow.

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