The Return of the Friday Quiz

At City Language School, we are always on the lookout for ways to keep our students engaged in learning English both in the classroom and in the extra curricular activities we provide. Last week we were delighted to bring back a popular favourite from times gone, the Friday Quiz.

“It was lovely to get back in to our city centre campus to get this quiz back up and running face-to-face again,” says Social Media Officer and Quiz Master, Johnny Butler. “This was always a popular event and though we continued doing quizzes online for much of the pandemic, it’s just so much more fun to do it in person.”

All of the questions for the Friday Quiz are based on the many English language posts that City Langauge School puts up on its social media platforms throughout the week. Students and visitors to our Instagram and Facebook pages can get daily English tips whether that’s through our #ReelEnglish posts, #WednesdayWisdom posts, World of English posts or our regular word quizzes that can be found behind our story icon.

Johnny reads out the first question from last week’s Friday Quiz

“In total I think seventeen people showed up to the quiz on Friday,” says Johnny. “That means we were able to put five teams together. We mixed the levels to make it as fair as possible and also to give people the chance to meet and make new freiends and help those whose English level is not at the higher standard.”

After a competitive round of ten tough questions, the winners with a score of eight out of ten were team NOT YET (their idea not ours) who won themselves a pepperoni pizza from Apache Pizzas.

“More than anything, this is a bit of fun,” says Johnny. “But what we are trying to do, is give learners the chance to focus on language that they will not find in books. Most of what we post on our social media pages are tips around colloquial or everyday English. Even if we are making a grammar point, we will do it in a way that shows its use in the real world. Its a subtle way of teaching but it is broadening students understanding of what English really is and that it is living, breathing and ever-evolving.”

Our next Friday Quiz will takes place in November.

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