Why are Summer Camps Important for Teens & Children?

Watching teens & kids GROW is incredible.  Summer Camps help them grow

Who doesn\’t remember their childhood\’s summer holidays.. Whether it was summer camp or a city getaway with parents -dipping into cool lake, camping, sunbathing, racing across the sands searching the rock pools for all manner of fascinating creatures. The times of carefree \”amazigness\”, discovery, creation and happiness. Summer camps bring about remarkable transformations in kids\’ lives.
1. Kids get independent
At summer camps, campers learn how to be independent. And although working and playing in groups and cared for by leaders and tutors- kids get to make decisions on their own, think creatively, learn and grow in the very stimulating environment

2. Kids become team players
In other words- they learn how to work together for the benefit of something bigger than themselves and realise that the team benefits as a whole when individual relationships are strengthened.

3. At camp, creative minds emerge
Countless stimulating activities, new people and places, projects, studies and closeness to nature- all this unleashes kids\’ creative powers. This might be the first time kids think of what they really love and where hobbies and in01terests take shape and create a foundation that will serve them in adulthood.

4. Kids are closer to nature
They naturally get away from their everyday environment, TVs, laptops and desks and get engage in outdoorsy activities. It is said, that Silicon Valley\’s biggest CEOs take their time in nature to make strategic decisions. Being close to nature is getting back to our roots.

5. Kids grow up 
And yes, there is something different about our kids each time they get back from summer camp. They come back with gained confidence, strengthened cored values and new, meaningful relationships made.