Three (and a half) on a Thursday – St Patrick\’s Day Weekend

The St. Patrick\’s Day Festival has already started. All over the city, people are dressed and doused in green. You may have noticed that the bars are full and even if the clouds are a little lower than we would like them to be, spirits are high.

Besides going to pubs and watching the parade there are many other events happening over the weekend to mark St. Patrick\’s Day. Our team at City Language School have scanned through the offering and here is what we think you should see.

Marsh\’s Library – FREE TOUR


If your classes are in the afternoon then this is perfect for you. Marsh\’s Library, which is located near St. Patrick\’s Cathedral, is 300 years old. It was here that Jonathan Swift wrote parts of Gulliver\’s Travels. James Joyce was a frequetn visitor and you can still see books with bullet holes, from when the reading room was hit by machine–gun fire during the Easter Rising of 1916. It is a beautiful place for a bygone era, that\’s well worth a visit.

Friday 9.30am

…here\’s the half

*If libraries are not your thing you might like to check out The Little Museum of Dublin\’s free tours at 9.30am & 10.30am. They last about forty-five minutes and will tell you a lot about this great city.

Friday 9.30 & 10.30am, The Little Museum 15 St. Stephen\’s Green

Lavender Walk: Tour of Historic Gay Dublin

Tonie Walsh
Tonie Walsh is a legend and a fantastic storyteller. On his tour of Dublin you will find out how Ireland went from decriminalizing homosexuality to endorsing gay marriage in a roller-coaster forty-year history. Tickets are €10 and your level of English will need to be a good Upper Int – Advanced.
Fri 15th – 17:00
Sat 16th – 13:00
Mon 18th – 13:00
Meet at Trinity College Front Square

Greening the City

At one minute to six on Friday, Dublin turns green. In celebration of Ireland’s national holiday, buildings, venues and spaces across the city will light up for St. Patrick\’s Day. It might be worth waiting until a little later, when the sun (what sun???) sets and the city goes a little darker, but get out there, have a stroll around town and get into the spirit of what promises to be a very special weekend.

Friday, 6pm, Everywhere