Savio means Business in Dublin

Savio Muscillo from Potenza in the south of Italy came to City Language School back in October 2018.

At university in Italy, Savio studied Economics and Banking. He came to Dublin to improve his English and broaden his skill set for the business world.

We sat down and had a chat with him just before he finished his course at City Language School.


Why do you need English?

I need English for my job. English is very important and also I didn\’t have a job in Italy and I chose to come here now to improve my English. It was the perfect opportunity and I have finished the course but I am going to stay in Dublin to improve my English. Maybe I will work here.

Has your English improved?

I arrived in early October and I was an A2 – pre-intermediate and now I’m at B1.

Table of Levels

Why Dublin?

I read on the internet that Irish people were very friendly and London people are work, work so don’t have time to stop and speak. I had never been here before. It’s actually my first experience out of Italy. It’s beautiful. I’m enjoying it. The only problem is Dublin is more expensive than southern Italy so a job is necessary.

Do you like Dublin?

It’s a beautiful city but the weather is different.

Where are you living at the moment?

I live in Dublin 13. I live with a host family and it’s good. The landlord is the same age as me. It’s different but it’s good. I get dinner with them.

Is City Language School a good school?

It’s good. The most important thing for me is the mother tongue teachers; most of them are Irish. This is the problem in Italy; the teachers are Italian teachers and they can’t really explain, for example, errors. So many Italians when they leave Italy don’t understand the different accents for example.

Also the classmates were very international – from Turkey, Brazil, some Italians, Mexicans and Belgians too.

What piece of advice would you give someone learning English?

If you want to improve your English you have to practise.