Rosana is Happy she chose Dublin to Learn English

\”We are alone and away from our family and friends so to be well-treated makes our hearts calm.\”

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Rosana Neder and I come from Bahia, Brazil. I am a psychologist and I\’ve worked as a Human Resource Manager for twenty-two years.

Why did you decide to come and learn English in Dublin?

I couldn\’t choose between New Zealand, Australia and Dublin. But I decided to come to learn English in Dublin because you have a beautiful country and I can visit other countries [in Europe] from here.

And what are you doing here at City Language School?

I\’m doing the Cambridge Course with one extra class of Cambridge every week where we prepare for the Cambridge exam. I am very happy with it. I am also in an advanced class where everybody really speaks English and the classes are great.

What was your first impression of Ireland/Dublin?

My first impression was: How and why my country couldn’t be like this? Because everything is so clean and organized, the people are so polite and warm and they are always smiling. I don’t know, people are happy here and I think this is great.

The city is amazing. I like the streets and the churches. There are lots of people singing in the streets, buying things, fancy stores and the prices are low. So here I eat better than in my city with the same amount of money. Much better. When I go to the supermarket I am like: Wow, how cheap is this? In my country it is very, very expensive. Here the only thing that is expensive is beer and cigarettes. But I don’t smoke, so it’s ok for me.

River Liffey

So how has the school been so far?

I love the material, the book. I am learning very much. The students here help me too, because sometimes I ask them to tell me what something means and they help me to understand everything. I am very satisfied.

What are the teachers like?

Neil is very good. He repeats if you don’t understand and he has lots of examples if you don’t understand a sentence. He tries different ways to help you understand. I like him very much. And he is a warm person too, like a friend and that makes everything easier.

You live with one of our host families here. Do you like it?

Yes, very much. It’s perfect. I couldn’t ask for more. I feel like I am in a five star hotel. My landlady, Geraldine Kane, is such a great person and both she and her husband treat me like a daughter; there is food for me when I come home, they prepare the bed and so I think I am in paradise. They’re great, they’re just amazing people. They are so polite and this is important. We are alone and away from our family and friends so to be well-treated makes our hearts calm.

Do you have any advice for new students?

Well, I don’t think there is anything they have to worry about as far as the school is concerned, but they should make the appointment for the Visa at home, in their own country. Don’t try to do it here, because it’s very hard. It made me feel insecure because you maybe only have the money for one or two months and not getting a job could make you come back home.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Well, I am so happy with this experience, just this.