Three This Thursday – An actual real life live concert, get back to the Gallery & a dance festival online

This week, we are happy to say that we can include some live events in our Three This Thursday – what a great feeling. The virtual world has offered us a lot and there is more where that came from but it is good to have the opportunity to get out and about again. We can\’t promise you that these events will be the greatest experiences of your life but if you do decide to take part, they are experiences you are unlikely to forget!

National Gallery of Ireland – Moment in Time – From July 6th

Over 50 years ago, pioneering collectors Beaumont and Nancy Newhall assembled an impressive selection of works spanning the history of photography. Moment in Time:  A Legacy of Photographs | Works from the Bank of America Collection presents iconic photographs from that collection by Julia Margaret Cameron, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Smith, Robert Frank, Dorothea Lange, and many more. You can explore the history of photography at the National Gallery of Ireland as this important collection comes to Europe for the first time.

Real Life Live Concert!!! – Wild Duck, Dublin 8

We don\’t  know who is playing or what they\’re playing but it\’s a concert. A real life live concert with like people that you can see and maybe even speak to. You can\’t touch them though or sit too close. But hey, it\’s a start. Tickets and more information are available here. Best of luck with the gig guys.

Celtronic Festival – Together:Apart

Check out the full schedule for Celtronic 2020 – Together:Apart. It started Tuesday June 30th but will run until Sunday July 5th. This is one of the biggest festival in Northern Ireland and of course it should be live. It\’s not though  but you can join them from your living room, your bedroom, your garden or your workplace, alone or with your family and a few friends, and listen and watch some of the amazing local and national electronic music emerging from Ireland. You\’ll be able to stream exclusive performances from some of our favourite international artists and check out some of the recently discovered mixes from the last 20 years of Celtronic.


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