Pádraig\’s Screen Picks

Pádraig O’Beirne has been teaching English for over three years and has been a cornerstone of the teaching team here at City Language School for the bulk of that period.

The Roscommon native has lived in Dublin for the last few years. He became famous in City Language School as the host of the Pints with Padraig Zoom Sessions – a very important outlet for many students during the first COVID-19 lockdown which helped them stay in touch with their friends and practice their English.

We managed to sit down with Padraig recently and chat to him about some of his screen favourites as part of our TEACHER RECOMMENDS series.

\”I think my favourite movies are The Lord of the Rings trilogy,2 says Pádraig. \”The best movies ever made. You can’t watch one without completing the trilogy. They are based off the books from J.R.R Tolkien and set in the fictional world of Middle Earth where a group of different species must rid the world of the evil that is spreading around Middle Earth from the dark lord Sauron. The films are individually some of the most successful films of all time, and collectively have won 17 Oscars.\”

\”I also recommend any Christopher Nolan film, especially Inception and Interstellar. His films are usually focused on themes of time, science and memory. His films can be a little confusing, but the writing, cinematography, music and acting in them are incredible.\”

Inception Clean Key Art © Warner Brothers

\”When it comes to TV, I love Black Mirror on Netflix. It\’s a dark sci-fi drama series that shows how modern technology could potentially be incredibly dangerous on society. Each episode focuses on a different piece of technology or a different area of society and the episodes are incredibly realistic and incredibly unnerving. It’s impossible to watch these episodes without being a little concerned about what the future holds.\”

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