Oscars Dublin\’s Phoenix Cafe welcomes students

City Language School is one of the most modern schools in Dublin with its Interactive Whiteboards, online Oscars Academy learning platform, break-out space and spacious classrooms. We continuously work towards providing students with what\’s best. Making them feel like at home.

This is where the idea of Oscars Phoenix Cafe was initiated. We already had a fantastic common room based on a Reception floor where students socialize, relax, do their homework and unwind after classes. Though getting through engaging and interactive English lessons requires extra energy. A good quality breakfast and for many- a strong cuppa coffee is a must.

With a selection of breakfast and lunch items at the Cafe (pastries, sandwiches, pancakes, soups and fruits) each student will find something suitable and tasty. The yummy sandwiches are prepared by Anna who runs the Cafe on a Monday to Friday basis. Hard to miss her- it is the smiley girl behind the counter ; )

The Oscars\’ Phoenix Cafe is also a perfect place to meet up, socialize and relax over a cup of tea or coffee, perfect to fill the time between classes.

Open to Oscars students and staff. Must drop in when at Oscars!

01-06-2017 - Coffe Opening (12)01-06-2017 - Coffe Opening (15)

01-06-2017 - Coffe Opening (1)