City Language School\’s Cyprus School opens on May Day!

City Language School is opening a year-round school in Limassol, Cyprus. The school is based in the central Ekali district of Limassol and has its grand opening on Monday, May 1st 2017. This centre will complement our current year-round school in Dublin and Junior operations in the UK, Ireland and Cyprus.

We see Cyprus as a growing destination with a steady growth of international tourists and an increase of direct flights (recorded increase of 19,8% in 2016 comparing to 2015 according to republic of Cyprus MOF statistics). Amongst those are non-English speaking markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Greece and Germany and naturally Cyprus is a wise choice for CIS markets due to favourable visa requirements.
Having been a British Colony until 1960, English language is spoken widely throughout Cyprus, both by a local ex-pat community and visiting English speaking tourists. “We are very excited by the prospect of continuing to open Cyprus up to visiting English language students who want to combine learning with a little fun and a lot of sunshine or perhaps are looking to a route to higher education. We are here to place a marker for quality and high standards in a developing market” says Will Dowling the CEO of City Language School.
The undeniable benefit we also see here is the quality of teaching English in Cyprus. “The Ministry of Education requires that all teachers of English have a degree in English language or linguistics. If we look at the all 27 countries within the European Union, Cyprus is a close second after Ireland with the highest number of higher education graduates per head of population ‘ ’In addition to Masters degrees, some of our teachers also hold the CELTA“- says Angela Wright, the Operations Manager at City Language School, Cyprus.
With the arrival of international universities such as UCLAN it is clear that Cyprus will now become a global player in the higher education market and will continue to grow over the next 5 to10 years. Oscars will become a feeder school to these higher education providers creating a new sustainable education eco system in Cyprus for International learners. Moreover, Cyprus is a diverse, exotic location with clean blue flag beaches, UNESCO world heritage sites and stunning landscapes, which make it a virgin travel and educational destination and a good alternative to its competition.
Alongside our new year round school. Our Cypriot offer includes the Adult and Family Programmes (parents plus children) delivered throughout the year as well as our uniquely themed Junior Programmes which will be a feature for the first time in Summer 2017 in both Larnaca and Limassol. We expect the Beach & Water Sports Experience Junior Programme, a combination of English tuition, social activities and a rich sports events programme; to be of interest and expect a high demand among international students.

SENDING BIG THANKS to all students that have ever arrived to Oscars and with hopes to see you in Cyprus !