City Language School in Dublin

Why Matheus is staying on at City Language School in Dublin

Matheus Lima da Silva arrived at City Language School in Dublin back in August 2018. When he arrived in Ireland his standard of Enlish was what he describes as between “beginner and pre-intermediate”. One year on and the personal trainer from Rio de Janiero has decided to renew with City Language School and stay in Dublin for at least another year. In early October we sat with him to find out why he came to Dublin and why he wants to stay.

Hi Matheus, why did you decide to come to Dublin?

The main reason was to improve my English obviously and secondly I heard from friends that it is a friendly country and that it’s nice. By the way, I realise this is true. I never really thought about USA or the UK to be honest. I did have a look at Australia because I enjoy the beach and surfing but Ireland, geographically speaking was the best place to choose, I think it’s really easy to visit Germany or Poland for example.

City Language School in Dublin

Do you work in Dublin?

I work as a personal trainer in Brazil and do the same here. I work in Christchurch in Dublin 8. Working there I feel I immerse myself in Irish culture there and I have the craic. BUt I also get to speak to lots of people and that really definitely helps my English. There are lots of different people from all over the world there but also different parts of ireland so you get to hear all the accents. There are people from Donegal, Cork, Sligo not just Dublin so it helps your ear to get used to the accents.

Where in Dublin do you live?

I live in Dun Laoghaire. It’s a lovely part of the city a little far from the centre but it is a great place near the sea. I sometimes swim there.

Is there anything you can advise people?

The one thing I would say is the weather. If you are coming from a hot city, it’s different and it takes a bit of getting used to.

How do you feel about City Language School?

It has a good structure. It’s always trying to improve I have to say and we see that. The teachers are great. Really nice and helpful.