Oscars Juniors English Language Summer Camps – Thanks to everyone for a great 2017

As our busy Oscars Juniors summer camps wound down in early October we sat down with some of the City Language School team and asked them how summer 2017 was for them. Here is what they had to say…


Aidan O’Shea, Principal, Oscars International, Dublin, Ireland

“We had a very busy year in Dublin this year,” says Aidan O’Shea, Principal City Language School  Dublin. “In Dublin, we had two centres. 250 students came through our DCU campus and 550  came into our Killester campus. Overall the feedback was great and we went on lots of different  excursions to Tayto Park, Glendalough, Belfast and Kilkenny as well as many other places.


I think  for me the best feedback is the fact that all our campus managers and most of the staff are coming  back to us next year. That’s always a good sign because it is an intensive few months but it can be  tremendously satisfying and it seems everyone involved enjoyed themselves.”

"...the best feedback is the fact that all our campus managers and most of the staff are coming back to us next year..."

Damien Glavey, Campus C0-ordinator, Killester, Dublin, Ireland

For me this summer has been the best camp we\’ve run in our Killester campus. This was down to  the excellent students whose enthusiasm and friendliness meant there was never a dull moment.

Be it capture the flag tournaments, jumpzone or even impromptu music sessions this year\’s camp  had something for everyone. A big thank you to all staff,  group leaders and students for a great summer. Roll on next year!




Ollie and Damien with students from China

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Edward Carden, Head of Operations, Oscars Junior UK

For me the best part of the summer was seeing it all come together and everything working. The operations team in the UK had a lot of experienced managers on site returning.


It was also a challenge administering 6 centres from Edinburgh down to London and a high  number of students, but one which was delivered. The feedback from the centres was good overall  and most of our managers are keen to return which is always a good sign.


Finally, a big plus was passing British Council. We had a very thorough inspection and have just  received news of further accreditation for the next 4 years.


"...the best part of the summer was seeing it all come together..."



Lucy Greaves, Sales

It\’s interesting to build programmes over a nine month period with agents and team leaders and  see in fruition what you are delivering for their students.

It is very satisfying to see the students  enjoying themselves and this year was no different.


"It is very satisfying seeing students enjoying themselves..."


Laurent Poitier, Head of Sales & Marketing

My biggest satisfaction for this summer is that we really improved our numbers, particularly in the UK. Ireland was great too and we are looking forward to the new frontier of the USA.

I was really happy with the fact that we were able to run our camps throughout the summer with  an improved nationality mix, with students from more than 40 different nationalities.

"We are looking forward to the new frontier that is the USA."