Oscar\’s very own \’Galway Girl\’ a big hit with the students

Zaina Newesser is from Co Galway on the West Coast, one of the most beautiful counties in Ireland and a stronghold of the Irish language and Traditional Irish Music.

Just after Christmas we caught up with Zaina and asked her to tell us a bit more about herself, her fascinating background and her reasons for moving to Dublin.

Where are you from Zaina?

I’m from Turloughmore. It’s a small village in Galway. My mum is Irish and my father is Egyptian. They actually met in Saudi Arabia. My Mum was a secretary there and my Dad was working in a hotel when they met.

Zaina with one of her graduates


Do you visit your relations in Egypt much?

The last time we went back was maybe three years ago now and I’d love to go back more, it’s a beautiful place and the people are so lovely and kind. I’d also love to learn a bit more Arabic and I will one day.


How long have you been working at City Language School?

I’ve been here since summer 2016 and I’ve been teaching for almost two years now and I have to say I really enjoy it. I still find it rewarding and being in a language school, you get to learn about so many different cultures and people from all walks of life. It really opens your eyes to different parts of the world and I’m really enjoying it.


Zaina getting ready for her next class


Do you like working here?

I have to say, I’m very grateful to Oscars because they’ve given me my chance as a teacher. I’ve made great friends here and I have honestly only ever had positive experiences with students here so I feel very lucky.

All the levels are different and have different things to offer. I like Intermediate because you can have conversations with students but you still have a lot to offer them in terms of what you can teach. I’m teaching a lot of Advanced classes at the moment and that can be challenging, we really have to do a lot of preparation but you actually end up learning a lot because the materials are that bit more in-depth and some of the reading tasks and topics are quite weighty.

Zaina taking part in last year\'s Christmas carols


Where do you live in Dublin?

I live in D24, Ballycullen so it’s quite far out but I love Dublin. It’s a bit more fast-paced than Galway, because it’s the capital. I love Galway but it’s quite calm and I thrive on that little bit of chaos.


Zaina used some expressions and words that you might not be familiar with. Here\’s a brief explanation…

to find something rewarding = to get value (not money) from something because it makes you feel good/positive about what you are doing – Raising children is difficult but rewarding (sometimes).

all walks of life = people from different places and backgroundsYou meet people from all walks of life working in a pub.

sth. opens your eyes = an experience that teaches you something – When he stole the money off me, it really opened my eyes to how horrible he is.

weighty = a subject that is quite serious – Politics is a weighty topic to talk about.

fast-paced = something that has quick and lively atmosphere about it – New York is a fast paced city.

thrive = do well in a certain environment – Bees thrive in warm weather.