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There has never been a more important time to develop new skills and explore new ways of distant social contact. Purchasing a City Language School Online Academy programme provides dynamic live classes, the opportunity to study with others in a small virtual class and the chance to make new friends from around the world.

All of our language classes are currently being taught LIVE online. Our expert teachers deliver LIVE and lively lessons in a dynamic environment, following the same curriculum and with the same student participation that you would expect in a traditional classroom.

We are even offering online social activities to keep the team spirit going outside the virtual classroom!


“The software we are using is incredibly flexible and really allows us to do many of the things we can do in face-to-face classes,” says our Head Teacher John.

“So not only does it allow students to virtually attend and follow classes, it also lets the teacher give the students time to work together in virtual teams.

So if we want to do pair work or get the students to work in teams of three or four we can create what are called “breakout rooms" which allow them to talk to each other as the teacher monitors their work.”

You simply require a laptop, stable internet and we’ll do the rest.

"The software we are using is incredibly flexible and really allows us to do many of the things we can do in face-to-face classes"


Academy Essential English

20 live lessons for just €150 per week.

All of our scheduled lessons are live and teachers plan lessons to be as interactive as possible. Speaking activities include breakout rooms where you can discuss topics and issues with classmates before returning to the main class forum for feedback from your teacher, as well as whole class activities.

The teacher sets extra exercises and material on Google Classroom so that you get the opportunity to prepare work outside of lesson times also.

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City Language Junior Online Academy - A special project-based programme for teens

The focus of the City Language School Junior Online Academy Project-Based Learning Programme is to prepare students to communicate effectively and efficiently through English in the real world, using 21st century skills that are transferable and that will serve them well in a future academic, work, and social environment.

Each day will involve language lessons that include grammar and vocabulary games and activities, live discussion and collaboration with other students, and individual feedback from the teacher on language and on the progress of the project. Each day, students will have time to work on their own project for regular slots.
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Student Testimonials

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Karen Almeida Pereira is one of our Online IELTS Preparation student.

Karen shares what makes City Language School's online classes fun, interactive, and student-focused. Watch the video to see why she recommends Oscars Online Academy

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