Nilce thinks City Language School is the Business

Nilce from Sao Paulo in Brazil came to Dublin four years ago. She joined City Language School earlier this year. When she finished her time with us, we took the chance to have a chat with her about her time here and she didn\’t hold back.

Did you enjoy your time at City Language School and how was it different?

Most of my time at the schooI was spent in online classes, so I really didn’t get the chance to experience the perks of the infrastructure offered by City Languages, but from the little I’ve seem, I can tell the premises are in good shape, the classrooms are roomy.

Compared to other schools that I’ve visited, the interior of the building looks much newer, cleaner and well preserved.

In the end, I choose City because it was the only school which still had Business Classes available in the morning, and I don’t regret my decision.

I was tired of general English classes, because after a while they become just more of the same, same topics over and over again, silly games and all (and it’s like this in every school). I was even afraid that business classes would be super boring, with just business related vocabulary but it was the best choice I ever made.

The Business course was amazing, and it that’s entirely thanks to Barry.

As a professional, he has a vast experience on the subject, so he always could explore the topics on its wholesomeness, and, as a teacher, he could turn the boredom of the book into themes extremely interesting and related to daily life.

He was always interested in the students and was always trying to find a way in which we could effectively use what we were learning in class in our actual jobs and positions to help us to grow in our jobs, or even find better positions.

I always felt stimulated and eager to see what would be the next topic because he was always going the extra mile and bringing extra materials, scanning news from different newspapers for us to read and practice, recommending books according the preferences of each student.

He was always encouraged us to develop critical thinking, he wasn’t just bringing the content and dropping it on us. He was always effectively working to make us understand why and how to use it.

Honestly, the classes exceeded all my expectations. As a student, I felt that my intelligence was being respected and challenged, which, for me, is crucial on a learning process.

I’m positive when I say that he’s the best English teacher I ever had.

During the online classes period, the teachers were of great support as well, intermediating the demands from the students with the backroom team. I have to say that I thought Róisín [Assistant Director of Studies]. She was always very kind and attentive.

Was the location of school good and was it close to where you live?

The location of the school is very central, which is great. It wasn’t super close to my place, but it was very accessible and easy to get to.

Did you make many friends at the school?

Unfortunately, most of my time at the school was spent in online classes, which reduce the possibility of bonding with other classmates and make friends. However, I met some great people, and I’m still in touch with them via social media.

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