Newbattle Summer Camp in the Brave Heart of Scotland

Of all our summer camp locations, Newbattle Abbey is probably the most enchanting.

There are few campuses in the world where you can eat your breakfast under 19th century frescoes, chat with your friends beside a treasure chest from the Spanish Armada and dance the night away in medieval crypts.

Situated on 125 acres of beautifully manicured Italian gardens, Newbattle Abbey is nothing short of spectacular. But it also has the added bonus of being just 9kms from Edinburgh.

\”The big attraction with Newbattle Abbey is the setting,\” says City Language School Principal Aidan O\’Shea. \”It’s an absolutely stunning centre. At the same time it\’s really close to Edinburgh. I got into the city centre by bus in less than thirty minutes. So it\’s fantastic for excursions into that beautiful city. So for group leaders, it\’s great if they want to go in to Edinburgh on their own every now and again.\”

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Though some of Newbattle Abbey\’s history dates back to the 12th century, all educational and residential facilities are utterly modern.

Classes take place in the abbey itself but classrooms are kitted out with interactive whiteboards,  the latest IT equipment and up to date sound systems for those listening exercises.

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\”It’s pristine,\” says Aidan. \”The accommodation is close to the main area but warm and modern. We can cater for 100 students. Inside the medieval abbey we have a recreation area. It\’s a big open area called the Crypt and that’s where we do a lot of the activities. But there\’s the gardens outside too. They are just amazing. I went for a run around the grounds when I was there recently and the sense of tranquility is just lovely. There were squirrels and rabbits hopping around the place and there\’s this lovely river that runs right through the site. Fantastic.\”


  • Staffed by year round teachers
  • Close to Edinburgh, airport and major roads
  • State-of-the-art-facilities
  • 24 hour supervised accommodation
  • All dietary requirements catered for – halal, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free
  • Gender segregated accommodation


Great Location

Aidan also points out that because the campus is away from the hustle and bustle of the Scottish capital, it makes it easy to get on the road and out to see the rest of Scotland.

\”Getting to Loch Lomond or the Highlands is really easy from here,\” says Aidan. \”And I should probably add that it\’s close to the airport too which makes the transfer a doddle.\”

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Recognising the unique location and culture of Newbattle, the team at Oscars have developed The Medieval Experience. A three-week course for 8 – 17-year-olds which promises to leave students with long-lasting memories of Scotland. As well as visits to Edinburgh, Loch Lomond, Calton Hill and Arthur\’s Seat, students will experience the music, dance and culture of Scotland. They even get to design their own kilt.

And if you haven\’t had enough of us in the summer time, Newbattle is one of our year round campuses so you can always come back during the year for a bespoke experience that we will design to cater for your needs.