Nelly in her Element at City Language School

Nelly Esther Mendoza from Mexico arrived in Ireland in April. In mid-October she finished her six month course with us at City Language School Dame Street. We sat down and had a quick chat with her before she took a well-earned trip around Europe.

Why choose Dublin to study English?

I came to Ireland because Ireland gives us the opportunity to work. You can study and work at the same time.

Is it easy to find a job in Dublin?

I’m working for Irish Rail at the moment. I work on the trains. I mainly go from Dublin to Galway, Dublin to Waterford or Dublin to Cork. It’s hard work but it’s good exercise every day.

Is Dublin a good city to live in?

I like Dublin because it’s very different from Mexico. I live in Dublin 1 and it’s really close to the city centre. The rent is a little expensive but it’s convenient because it’s near my work. I can take the LUAS tram and it’s very fast. The weather is different, it’s cold but I like it, I enjoy the different weather.

Did you enjoy studying at City Language School?

I enjoyed it because I met different nationalities from Germany, Brazil, Argentina, also from France and it’s good to practice with them.