#MyOscarsIntExperience- Daniel Teran

Today we meet Daniel, 27 who arrived from distant Ecuador to join us on Study & Travel programme. Daniel is just about to finish his studies!

\”Hi everyone,My name is Daniel, I am from Ecuador!\”

Hi Daniel. A few words about our school?

I like everything. I like the staff, the staff is very friendly, they always want to help. It doesn’t matter what problems you have. The teachers are AMAZING. Oscars has very good teachers. I improved my English a lot.

Tell me more about your class. What class are you in? What are your classmates like? 

Now, I am in Upper-Intermediate group. My class is very nice. I love my teacher. He is a very good person and a very good teacher. My class is very nice because it’s an international class, we have a lot of personalities in my class so you can meet a lot of cultures here. You can learn English and learn their language.

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of Oscars?



Because the people in the school, not only the staff, the students are very kind and very friendly.

Where do you live here?

Now I live in Portobello, Dublin 8, very close to the school, it’s 10 minutes by walk. So my area is very nice, it’s close to Griffith College. I lived with a lot of students from different colleges and we all speak English.

What do you think about the best place here in Dublin?

The best place for visiting I think it’s Temple Bar. By the way we are in Temple Bar right now. So I think it’s a very nice place to visit because there are a lot of history but I think it’s so close from the city center, you can’t get lost and you can find always something nice to do.

What’s your best memory made here?

One time I got lost and I entered an Irish pub, a typical Irish pub really Irish and two guys bought me like 8 pints of beer ; ) They were very kind.

Anything you would like to add?

I think that if you are looking for a school or a city to study, I think Dublin is your city because it’s a small city, it’s very nice to visit the city, you can do all, you don’t need to take the bus, everything is close to the city center. But by the way, even if you live far away, it’s not too far, it’s not crowded. And the people are so friendly here, all the people are friendly. If you want to study and improve your English, Dublin is your city and Oscars is your school!

Thank you so much Daniel, we wish you all the best of LUCK!

Daniel 2