#MyOscarsIntExperience- André Miniussi

For many of our students, arriving to Ireland is their first experience traveling so far or at least independently.
We love to hear their stories. Every single experience is different and personal. We will share some of them with you.
Today we meet André, who arrived from Brazil to join us on Study & Travel Programme.

\”Hi everyone,My name is André, I am 30 years old and I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil\”

Hi André! Could you describe your experience here @ Oscars?

Yes! It’s an amazing experience, I could make new friends from different countries so it’s a multicultural experience and that helps me to improve my English.

How did your first day in Ireland look like?

My first day was totally different because I was very far away from my house. I could speak in English but not so good like nowadays. And I had to move to an Irish house, meet new people with different accent so it was hard but it was an amazing experience.

What places would you like to see here in Ireland?

I’d like to visit the whole Ireland because Ireland is a beautiful country. I’d expect to visit Cork, Galway, Killarney and the lakes around the country. There is a lot of beautiful places.

Best  memories made? 

For me one of my best memory is from my first day here. I was a little bit nervous, as I had to meet new people, speak English, listen English, understand everything… so it’s a good memory for me.

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of Dublin?

: ) The first thing is of course …beer! It is the place to  have fun. Irish people are very funny and open-minded, they receive all of us very well!

What is the most difficult word that you can say in English?

There is a difficult and funny word that I always joke about it, it’s “weird”. “Weird” is a bit strange to pronounce for us, Portuguese speakers, so weird it’s a terrible word to me.

Could you tell us what do you think of Irish people?

I think in a general Irish people are very friendly. They are open-minded, they are used to welcoming people from different countries. Dublin is a multicultural city so of course you can come here and feel comfortable living here and speaking with all Irish people.

What do you think about the new brand, the new Oscars brand with the owl as a logotype?

It’s a good one I think, the colours are very good. It’s a new mindset, a new brand for the school. I hope it will bring new students and more people into the school.

What’s your advice for new students arriving to Dublin?

If you want to learn English or improve your skills, you have to make a choice, take some risk, do exchange programme and come to Ireland. Dublin is a multicultural city, you can meet new people from different countries. The experience is amazing and I’m sure that you can improve your English. If you want to stay here, there are a lot of opportunities, and if you want to go back to your country, you are able to have a better job and have a better life.

Do you intend to stay in Ireland for a bit longer?

If it’s possible- yes, I’d love to stay in Ireland as long as possible. I’d look for a job in my area but now I just study English and do yoga for example. There are a lot of opportunities for everyone and you can use all your skills or knowledges to work here and to improve your English at the same time.

That’s great. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us Andre! Would you like to add anything else?

Goodbye, take care and – come to Dublin!

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