#MyOscarsExperience- Yi Ping

There would be no City Language School without our lovely students. Coming from all over the world- curious, excited, optimistic, willing to learn and explore and looking for the adventure of their lives.
For many of our students, arriving to Ireland is their first experience traveling so far or at least independently.
We love to hear their stories. Every single experience is different and personal. We will share some of them with you.
Today we meet Yi Ping, who arrived to Taiwan to join us on Study & Travel Programme. Yi Ping held her 8-month Irish visa to study at Oscars and enjoy her 2 months of holidays to explore Ireland. The visa also allowed her to obtain a work permit to get some work experience in Dublin.

\”Hello, I am from Taiwan, I am Yi Ping, I am 26 years old\”
Hi Yi Ping. Lovely to meet you! How could you describe your experience of studying abroad?
I’ve been here for 6 months. Dublin is a lovely city. I love it in here! Here it’s very amazing because it’s very different from my country: different rules, different people… Everything is new. So it’s very exciting.
What is the best memory you have from studying at Oscars? #myoscarsexperience
It was my first day I came here: new students, new classmates, new teachers… I was very nervous when I came here but my
classmates and my teachers were very nice so now I am very comfortable. I will not forget about my first day I came here.

What do you think about teachers here at Oscars?
They are very patient. At the beginning, I suffered from my bad English but they always encouraged me and now I feel more
comfortable. My classmates they are all nice and teacher is also very good. I really enjoy the classes.
Have your English language skills improved since the day you arrived?
Yes, I think my English has improved, especially my listening skill so I am very happy with this.
What do you think about the modern technologies in classrooms, like Interactive White Boards?
It’s very good here. It’s not just normal white boards, the interactive white boards are very good and useful.
First words that come to your mind when you think of Dublin?
Coffee, green, music, dance… Something like that!
Would you like to travel around Ireland?
I want to visit Cork. Because my friends said that it’s a very different city and very different from Dublin so I want to see it
What do you think about Irish people?
They are very friendly. If I have some problems I can ask to some people on the road and they will be happy to help me.
What is your favourite place in Dublin?
I love Howth. I’ve been there once and there was a very nice view and there was very good fish and chips
What would you recommend to those thinking of studying abroad?
If you want to learn English in Ireland, City Language School is the best choice! You should come here to learn English and it will be great! I will recommend Oscars, definitively yes. Come study here! Bye bye! I will come back again!