Study + Travel Students FAQs


What are my course options?
We offer Essential English (20 lessons per week), Standard English (25 lessons per week), and Intensive English (30 lessons per week). We also offer Business English and IELTS Preparation.

Are there any extra-curricular lessons?
• TIE Preparation Tutorials are every Wednesday between 12:30 and 13:15
-Job Finding Skills Tutorials are every Thursday between 12:30 and 13:15

What are the class times?
• If you are taking AM classes, you will have class from 09.00 – 12.15 (with a 15 min break) Monday to Friday.
• If you are taking PM classes, you will have class from 13.45 – 17.00 (with a 15 min break) Monday to Friday

Do I have the same teacher for every class?
We are introducing a partner teacher system and so, some classes are shared by two teachers and in other classes, you will have only one teacher for all lessons. We believe it is good to experience different styles of teaching and so you can expect to have two or more teachers during your course.

What is the English language focus in class?
Communication, spoken interaction and active listening are the main areas that teachers focus on, but all skills are integrated into lessons. You will practice reading and listening strategies as well as tasks to develop the writing skill. Consolidation and revision of new language is achieved though dynamic and engaging lesson activities.

What if I would like extra English work?
Students should ask their teacher if they would like any extra exercises/activities. You can also meet with the Academic Team to develop a personalised Self-Study Programme.

Do I need to buy a course-book for class?
Yes. Each class is assigned a course-book. Students should order this on their first day at school.
• Students studying for 4 weeks or fewer can rent a book for a €40 deposit
• Students studying for 5 weeks or more must buy a book for €40. The maximum number of books students need to buy on a 6 month course is 2.

Are there tests in class?
There is a Weekly Progress Review every Friday. This short test is designed to highlight any areas studied that week that may need further work.

What if I think the class is too difficult?
You should come and talk to the Academic Team as soon as possible to discuss your level. You should always consult your teacher first with any doubts, as they are the best person to guide you.

What if I think the class is too easy?
Again, you should consult your teacher first. If, after speaking to your teacher, you still feel that the class is too easy, you should arrange to meet the Director of Studies, who will consult your teacher and organize a reassessment if necessary.

How do I change Level?
Your progress is monitored in class by your teachers. You can expect regular feedback on your classwork and when your teacher thinks you are ready for the next level, they will tell the Academic Team, who will organize a Level Test. The Level Test involves a written Grammar, Vocabulary, & Writing Test as well as a Speaking Test. If the Academic Team believe that you are ready to move to the next level, you will change class the week after your Level Test.

What if I arrive late to class?
If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for the first half of class, you will be refused entry and have to wait until the second half of class. You will receive attendance for the second half only (1.5hrs). You must be on time for the second class (after the coffee break).

What if I leave class early?
If you leave before the end of class, you will not get attendance for that class. This is in accordance with GNIB regulations and cannot be negotiated. Please ensure your employer is aware of this and if you need a letter outlining GNIB regulations for your boss, we will be happy to provide one. Please ask at reception.

What if I need to be absent for a few days from class?
Please tell The Academic Team / Reception if you are going to be absent from class. You will not get attendance for days taken off.

What if I am sick – will I lose attendance?
If you provide a medical note from a doctor or hospital, your absence will be authorised officially and you will not lose attendance. Please note that any absence without a medical note will result in a loss of attendance. Medical Certificates must be signed and dated by the medical practitioner and be on stamped, headed paper. Please give original medical certificates to Reception; copies will not be accepted.

What happens if I just stop attending class?
Attendance is closely followed by the school. If a student’s attendance falls below 85%, a warning letter is sent to student by email. Another email is sent when students fall below 80%, and when attendance falls below 75%, students are removed from registers and reported to Immigration. A weekly report is sent to IRB (Immigration office) with a list of all ILEP students with attendance records.

Will I lose attendance if I am working?
We cannot excuse absence from class because of work. Your visa is granted on the condition that you attend 15 hours of English lessons.

What if I would like to take a holiday?
All ILEP students must request holidays in advance of their initial GNIB registration, as GNIB enrolment letters must contain holiday details. Requested holidays may only be for a period of no more than 1/3 of the time studied prior to the holiday commencing. Holiday requests submitted after GNIB registration cannot be processed.
No holidays can be taken during the first 8 or final 4 weeks of a programme. Holidays requests will not be granted to any student with less than 70% attendance.
If a student requires time off due to serious illness or a death in the family, a holiday may be granted at the discretion of the school principal. This request, along with documented evidence, must be submitted to the school.

City Language School Frequently Asked Questions


How do I request my bank/GNIB/PPS letter?

To request your letters, you must use the Letter Request form on the City Language School Academy Site. You will be given a username and password for the City Language School before you arrive in the school and will be given an introduction to the site during your first week in the school.

How do I request a holiday? What are the rules for requesting a holiday?

To request a holiday, you must use the Holiday Request form on the on the City Language School Academy Site. Please note:

  • All holidays must be requested prior to registering with Irish Immigration
  • Holidays must run Monday to Friday for a minimum of 1 week
  • Holidays may not exceed 1/3 of the time studied prior to the holiday period
  • No holidays are granted during the first 8 weeks or the final 4 weeks of a programme
  • In order to qualifiy for a holiday, a student must have a minimum of 70% attendance at the time of request
  • In exceptional circumstances, holidays may be granted after Immigration Registration, but only at the decision of Centre Manager or Director of Studies
  • Holidays cannot be shortened or extended once granted
  • Students must report to Reception on the first day back after holidays as a new level test may be required
  • Can you tell me about the Social Program?


You can view the weekly Social Program here on City Language School Academy or on the website at:

You can also view on screens in-school or via our Facebook page.

Can I change my class/level?

If you would like to change your classroom or your level, you must submit a transfer request. You can submit your request via City Language School.

Requests must be submitted before 2pm on Wednesday for a change on the following Tuesday.

If you submit a request, this does not mean you will be moved. The Director of Studies will review your weekly test and assessment scores, along with attendance and a consulation with your main class teacher. You will be informed by 2p.m. on Friday of the request decision.

If you are unhappy with the decision, you can make an appointment to speak to the Director of Studies

Can I move to IELTS class?

To request a move to IELTS class, you must be at least Upper Intermediate level. Then you may come to reception and schedule an appointment with the Director of Studies. IELTS is subject  to availability. Transfers are done at the discretion of the Director of Studies.

Can I move from AM to PM class/PM to AM class?

If you would like to move from AM to PM, you can do this as long as there is space in the afternoon classes.

If you would like to move from PM to AM, there is a charge of an extra 50 euro per week. This depends on space in the morning classes.

Please note: if you change class times you must stay at your new time for the remainder of your programme duration.

What is my attendance?

Your attendance is updated and uploaded weekly to the City Language School Academy and can be viewed using your unique Username and password.

How can I purchase my class book?

Class books can be purchased in reception. Please allow up to 1 week to receive your book. If you are looking to buy or sell a second hand book, this can be done via the City Language School Facebook Notice Board.

Can you help me find a place to live?

City Language School can help you book accommodation in the City Language School Residence or with a host family, subject to availability. If you are interested in these two options, please go to reception.

If you are looking for different accommodation, you can post on the City Language School Facebook Notice Board and otherCity Language School students can respond to your request.

Can I make changes to my City Language School accommodation (host family, Residence)?

It is possible that you may be able to make changes to your City Language School accommodation, subject to availability. You must give at least 2 weeks notice for the change. There may be additional fees incurred from the changes. You can ask about this in reception.

No refunds will be given for City Language School accommodation.

Can you help me find a job?

Job seminars are held at City Language School monthly. Watch the social program each week to find out when the next job seminar will be.

How do I get my certificate?

On the Wednesday before you finish your course, please go to your student account in Academy (online), go to Letter Requests and fill out the form to request certificate. If this is not done, we cannot promise that your certificate will be released.

I’m leaving my course early. Can I get my certificate early?

Yes, you can. You must notify our Student Experience Officer, Sara (, at least 1 week before you end your course. You must explain your reasons for leaving the course early.


I am renewing my visa and I need my Exit Letter with my attendance. How/when can I request it?

To request a letter, you must use the Letter Request form through the City Language School Academy.

Please note: for your Exit Letter to be ready at GNIB the following Monday, you will need to request it by Wednesday at 2pm the week before.

Please do not request your Exit Letter more than 1 month before you intend to go to Immigration.


I changed my address. Can I get new letters with my new address?

If you have already received your bank/Immigration/PPS letters from City Language School you may request new letters, but there is a 15 euro fee for new letters. You may pay this fee in reception.

It is NOT advised that you change your address in the middle of the visa process.