Meet Our Staff- Student Experience Officer

Our Student Experience Officers Team is here, to make your stay  is pleasant, safe and rewarding and we have great ideas about how you can spend your time and enjoy the atmosphere of our vibrant city location!

We are always available to assist with any issues that may arise during your time at Oscars as well as to help you adjust to life in a foreign country on your first days after arrival.  You are  welcomed to join our free Orientation Tour, Seminars or arrange a counselling session with our SEOT team if necessary. This week, we introduce you to Julia- Our lovely Student Experience Officer.

How are things, what’s your name?
Julia O\’Connor.
OK, you have a very Irish name but a very strong French accent. Why?
I was born in Tipperary, near Clonmel. My father Martin O’Connor is Irish but my mother is French. So I was born here but I grew up in France. We moved to France when I was a toddler. We moved to the West Coast, near La Rochelle.
So when you were in France how did you stay connected to Ireland?
I have a big family here. My father has seven sisters and brothers. I have quite a few cousins I used to spend my summers with back in Tipperary. And with my name in France, I would always end up talking about Ireland and what a beautiful country it is.

That’s a lovely story. Amazing. So why are you here now?
Well I always was very attached to Ireland and wanted to come and live here as a grown-up. So I moved here back in September and started working in this super company here in January of 2017. Most of the team is Irish so it\’s a perfect way of integrating for me.

So what’s your role here at Oscars?
I\’m the Student Experience Officer and my role is to make sure that the students have a great time in Dublin. So one side of it is looking after individual students and giving them ideas of what to do and the other side is how to have fun in Dublin and get the best Irish experience.
I put the social programme together and we try to have something every week that’s original. We really want students to hang out together and spend time with each other learning English. I also organise the groups\’ travel programme, from the moment they get off the plane, their daily activities, to the moment they head back home.

So where do you live in Dublin?
In a little house just off Camden Street. It’s fantastic. It’s so close to the city centre and to work and the street is really lively. It has everything on it there are lots of fun places on it.

Is Dublin a tough city?
Dublin can be challenging there’s no doubt. You need to find work and a place to live. But once you get these things, it’s a brilliant place where to live. People are friendly, there are loads to discover in the city and around.
Really, why do you like it so much?
One of the best things is that you’re so close to the sea. The views around the bay are breathtaking. So if you don’t get the chance to get out and see the rest of the country this is wonderful and you’re really only twenty minutes away from the coast even from the city centre.
And there are so many things to do on the cultural side with all the museums and the free activities provided, plus all the night life activities. It’s great to get a taste of the history of Ireland, plus experience the differences you can find in Dublin. It is definitely a cosmopolitan city.

That\’s all very positive. Is there anything else you want to add?
Oscars school is a lovely place to work. The students are great here, friendly, curious and happy to be in Ireland. The teachers are a good team too but more than anything, I’m happy to be living and working in Ireland.

\”One of the best things is that you’re so close to the sea. The views around the bay are breathtaking.\” JULIA. 


Thank you, JULIA! 

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