Meet Our Staff- Andy Redwood (Junior Camp Coordinator, Sibford)

Oscars Juniors is a brand that represents our unique junior summer courses based within multiple locations across Ireland, Scotland, England and Cyprus. Although the junior summer courses take place in summer months only, the preparations take months and the whole camp crew works throughout the whole year to make sure that in summer time, we welcome junior students into safe and entertaining environment.

Today we introduce you to Andy Redwood- a junior summer Camp Coordinator in Sibford school campus (England)

Hi Andy, tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Andy Redwood. I’m 35 and I’ve been living in Barcelona in Spain for the last three years.

Oh wow, Barcelona is a great city. What do you do there?
I teach but I\’m also writing a book on climate change at the moment so that\’s taking up most of my time.

OK so did you study that at University?
No, I actually studied Media at Southampton University and then I went on and travelled around the World quite a bit. I lived in Thailand for a while, Amsterdam, Vietnam and Guatemala too for a while.

Sounds amazing. Of all those places which was your favourite do you think?
Vietnam, I’d have to put that up there. The people and their willingness to learn is amazing and the food is amazing. I spent about a year there and loved every minute of it. But I have to say I love Spain. It has so much to offer. It really feels like home to me now.

But you\’re actually coming home to work this summer, aren\’t you?
Yes I\’ll back up in Sibford.

Are you from there yourself?
No I\’m from Devon which is in the southwest of England. A beautiful place too but a lot further south.

Will this be your first time there?
I was there in the same role last year so this will be my second year at Sibford and I’m really looking forward to going back. I had a great time last year. We were busy but it was great. Sibford is a lovely small town in the English countryside so it’s very quiet and great for young groups. There are great facilities. It has tennis courts and swimming pools, there’s a really good playing field available plus they’ve got really awesome custom music and art studios where we do the onsite courses with the experts that the school brings in.
It’s close to a place called Banbury which is a nice little town that’s worth an explore. But we generally visit Oxford or Cambridge and there’s a day trip to London too. So I think the fact that you’re close to the cities but you’re more or less completely isolated in the countryside is the biggest plus really.

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