Mathilde is waltzing back to France with fond memories of Dublin

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\”I think there is something special about Dublin, the atmosphere.\”

Mathilde Outman from Marseilles in the south of France is 19-years-old. She is studying Business Management at university and as part of her course she had to spend three months on an English language course in an English-speaking country. We were delighted that she chose to come to City Language School Dublin and before she returned to France we sat down with her and had a chat.

Hi Mathilde. Why Did you choose to study in Dublin?

It is part of my course in university to go to another country to learn English so I decided to go to Dublin because I didn’t want to go too far. It was my first time leaving home and my family so I wanted to be close to France and I’m really happy that I came here. Really. It’s a really beautiful city but just the Marseilles we are used to beautiful weather but here it’s not great.

Why did you not go to Brighton, London, Cardiff or Liverpool?

I had never been to Ireland before and I really wanted to discover Ireland. I looked at other places and in fact I wanted to go to Manchester. I went there for a weekend but I don’t know I think there is something special about Dublin, the atmosphere. I have the impression that people are happy. There are lots of people from around the world and I really like that in a city, cosmopolitan. I wanted to discover something new and I thought it was a good idea and it was a good idea. I really liked the architecture. My mother came with my sister and we went to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher so I tried to travel as much as possible and I really liked a lot of things. There was a lot of people in the streets and in the first week I was really shocked by that because you don’t get that in Marseilles but I felt really secure here.

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When did you arrive?

I arrived three months ago.

Where do you live in Dublin?

I live in Dublin 7 with flatmates and it is really good. It’s close to the city centre so I could walk to school in twenty minutes.

Have you learnt a lot of English?

I think it has improved a lot after three months. I think the courses here are really good. You meet people from different parts of the world and you have to learn the accents and learn about other countries too so that was good to improve.

What did you think of City Language School?

The fact that it is in the city centre was really good.It’s a cute school and I like the way all the teachers know each other. I didn’t have the image of the teachers like that. In France the teachers seem really bored but I talked to my teacher before I left and I told him he was the best teacher I ever had because you learn things by doing happy things like games and discussions and it’s not boring at all. And he taught me a lot of things about Dublin and Ireland.