Louis Loved his Dublin Latour

18-year-old Louis Latour is from Burgundy in central France. In August 2018, he came to City Language School to improve his English. He stayed in Dublin for just two weeks but by the sounds of it he had a great time.

At the end of his English Language course, we sat down with him and had a chat about his time with us and his stay in Dublin.

Your English is very good, where did you learn it?

I watch a lot of [television] shows and my father and I travelled to the U.S.A so I improved it there.

Why did you decide to come to Dublin?

I think the Irish are very friendly and I think Dublin is a great place to live and I wanted to visit Ireland. I visited different cities in Ireland in my first week and then spent my second week with Oscars.

Where did you stay in Dublin?

I stayed with a host family in the south of the city. It was a very nice family. They hosted me very well. It was well located. I was not so far away from the school. It took me about forty-five minutes by bus in the morning so it was pretty close.

Did you enjoy your time with Oscars?

I liked having a different course. Your school speaks about lots of different subjects like the social network and the way we are living and I think that’s a good thing.

I had classes every morning and then had two classes in the afternoon during the week.

Will you come back to Dublin?

I will certainly come back to Dublin.