Mitsuki found something Mori at City Language School

Mitsuki Mori from Okinawa in Japan came to Dublin in January 2019. She has just completed her course with us here at City Language School and on her final day we took the chance to sit down and have a chat with her about her time with us.



Why did you choose Dublin to study English?

I had thought about going to Canada but it was so expensive. So was London. Also there are so many Japanese people. So if I went to Canada, maybe I spend all my time with Japanese people. But Ireland has so few Japanese people, it’s good for me.

Where do you live in Dublin?

I stayed with a host family in Ballinteer in Dublin 16. They were very nice. All the time they were teaching me about Irish culture and Irish food and some casual talking. It’s good for me.

Is Dublin very different from Okinawa?

Very different. My country is very hot and Okinawa is not very big but it has a very beautiful beaches but the landscape is very different. I like Dublin as a city. Okinawa doesn’t really have pubs or a pub culture and I like drink and I like the songs. Irish people are very warm and very friendly.

How was your time at City Language School?

I like it really. I wanted to stay here but at the moment I have to work and earn money and then I will come back again. The location is good and for me the teachers were so good and very nice people in my classroom.

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