Jake brings Experience of a Lifetime to Oscars Juniors

Jake Rothauge from Oregon in the United States. The 38-years-old has over fifteen years of experience working in summer camps both at home and in Europe. Last year, he moved to the UK to take up his position with us at Oscars Juniors. We are delighted to have such an experienced camper as our Head of Operations. Earlier this month and after a busy summer, we sat down with Jake to talk about his love of the job, his role and his new baby.

Hi Jake. When did you move to the UK?

My wife is British and we spent the last few years living in Spain. We had a new baby recently so we decided we would move to one of our homes. The UK was closer so that’s why we are there really it’s good to have the support.

Great Experience at Oscars Juniors

What is your role at Oscars Juniors?

Well my title is Operations Director in the UK. So basically I run all aspects of the centres on the ground. Once people are booked into our programs, I run it from there. I hire staff, train the staff, book the coaches, talk to the centre managers up and down the UK, visit the centres.

It can be very busy, especially in the summer where you could be working long hours every day for six weeks, so it’s intense but it’s part of the job and it’s a very satisfying job particularly when you see campers going home happy after a great experience.

How do you enjoy working with Oscars?

I really enjoy it. It’s exactly what I do. It’s dealing with people, it’s education, it’s travel, it’s running camps which is exactly what I did when I was the U.S.A.. It keeps me on my toes and I like the industry because it’s ever-changing – one day you’re in the office yapping the next you’re out on the ground seeing what’s happening.

I’ve been working in the industry for sixteen years so I guess I have a lot of experience.

Oscars Juniors is Different

Why is Oscars Juniors different?

I think Oscars a great Program where you have a great mix between the study and the excursions.  The staff are key to it too. We have a lot of people who come back to us.

What do you do in your free time?

I grew up in Oregon which is kind of a big state with  so I love the outdoors. I grew up playing basketball.