Three This Thursday – Ireland Performs – Live Music Performances

The Show must Go On!

This week\’s Three This Thursday is very special. Earlier this week, Culture Ireland launched a special website called Ireland Performs. This is a really excellent idea and one we hope everyone around the country can support. Culture Ireland is supporting artists in a time when there is nowhere to perform live and it means a significant loss of income for performers. There is a huge assortment of live events over the next few weeks but there are a few that really stand out for us and so for this week\’s Three This Thursday all our recommendations will come from this website.

Junior Brother Live from Kerry – Sunday April 19th –  9pm

Simply put, this guy is different and mind-blowing. Not unlike a young Beck, Junior Brother mixes Irish music with beats and mad lyrics. Since bursting onto the Irish music scene about two years ago he has become more than just a singer-songwriter. He is a powerhouse and thematically he touches on everything from love, religion and life in Ireland. Check out his recent performance on The Tommy Tiernan Show (below 2nd clip).

A Concert of Traditional Music on the Uilleann Pipes – Thursday 16th April 12.30pm

You have probably heard if bagpipes – the noisy instrument so loved in Scotland that really sounds like a cat being attacked. Uileann pipes are similar but to be quite honest, they are nicer. Uileann is the Irish word for elbow the part of the body that is used to control the flow of air into the bag that helps to create the sound. Uileann pipes are simply more flexible in terms of what you can get out of them and are therefore far more musicality about them than bagpipes. On Thursday you can find out for yourselves if you tune into this live performance from master piper Leonard Barry.

(click on image to get to concert)

The Irish Piano: A Classical and Celtic Journey – Friday 17th April 12.30pm

If you are not taking part in our weekly quiz, maybe this will kepp you entertained for an hour or two. Pianist Fionnuala Moynihan takes you on a live journey through the Irish piano and how it has influenced music around the world. This promises to be a fascinating journey.

(click on image to get to concert)

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