Oatridge – a great location in the brave heart of Scotland

There are few cities in the world as enchanting as Edinburgh. Its cobbled streets and unique sandstone structures are matched only by the ghostly charm of its awe-inspiring castle which hangs above the city like a mystical protector. It is little wonder that J.K. Rowling was inspired to start her Harry Potter series in Edinburgh. In a nearby cafe, The Elephant House, the author would sip her tea and look out onto the castle high above Edinburgh while dreaming up her next inspiring tale.
Student with Scot flag

At City Language School Oatridge we want you to be inspired too. Our campus sits just thirty minutes drive from Edinburgh town centre in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Rolling green hills and quaint Scottish towns are a short distance from our Oatridge Campus and its location right in the heart of the country gives you easy access to everything and everywhere that this beautiful part of the UK has to offer.

\”Oatridge is what we call a College for Further Education here in Scotland,\” says Jamie Simpson, Head of Operations for City Language School Juniors and himself a native of Edinburgh. \”Oatridge is slightly to the west of Edinburgh and right in the heart of really nice countryside but, and this is the great thing, it\’s close to everywhere in Scotland.\”

\”So it’s only ten minutes from Edinburgh Airport which means it’s a really short transfer.\”

\”One of the other benefits is, that because it’s west of Edinburgh you can also get into Glasgow for half a day which you can’t really do with the other Edinburgh centres.\”

\”Also because it’s a bit outside Edinburgh, you don’t have to fight your way out of the city traffic at the weekends when you’re going to visit the Highlands, Loch Lomond or Stirling and believe me these places are so beautiful that you want to spend as much time there as possible.\”

Linlithgow Palace is just ten minutes from Oatridge


As well as its convenient location, Oatridge Campus also offers a new rugby course.

\”We have two courses on offer at Oatridge,\” says Jamie. \”We have the Original Experience and a new Rugby Academy. So as well as the three hours of English in the morning, students get to go off and learn the skills of rugby, which of course is very popular in Scotland.\”

\”Oatridge probably isn\’t as glamorous  as some of our locations slightly closer to Edinburgh,\” says Jamie. \”But I think a savvy group leader will recognise the benefits of being slightly outside a capital city while at the same time really close to it. If it\’s fresh air, activities and ease of access you are looking for then Oatridge is honestly perfect. Oh yes, I should mention it\’s a little less expensive too.\”

As if that weren\’t enough, Jamie also wants to remind students and group leaders that the campus at Oatridge has recently undergone a refurbishment and as well as boasting a new Costa Coffee outlet, the campus now has a state of the art sports centre.

\”There\’s plenty to keep both students occupied,\” says Jamie, \”and group leaders in shape.\”