A Catch Up with Friends at City Language School

Pauline from Belgium and Sebastián from Mexico have been students at City Language School in Dublin for over four months. We caught up with them recently in our student room for a (very brief) chat about their experiences in Dublin so far.

What do you think of Dublin?


I really love Dublin. I like the atmosphere in the city. I like the people. I like the pubs and going out. I arrived here about five months ago and I\’m leaving in two weeks but I’d like to come back in the future.


I like Dublin. When I was a child I always dreamed of living in Europe and I dreamed of living in an English speaking country and I’m here now so this is one thing that I like about living in Dublin.


Sebastian likes the mix of nationalities at City Language School

How has your experience been at Oscars?


Really good. I’ve met a lot of people from different countries in the world so that was really interesting. Most of the teachers are all from Ireland so it’s really interesting for us and and really good for our English. I was really happy with the teachers and the classes.


I think it is a good place. I like Dublin and like learning English. The best thing about the classes is meeting different people from different countries.

Pauline from Belgium says she wants to come back to Dublin


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\”The guys felt safe here and we felt it was safe to let them do things on their own.\”-Christoph Hogl, Group Leader

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