Guilherme is staying on in Dublin and City Language School

Guilherme Queiroz from São Paulo in Brazil has been studying with us at City Language School Dublin since February 2020. We caught up with Guillherme the day before his twenty-fifth birthday to find out about his time in the Irish capital and his studies at City Language School.

“I decided to come to Ireland because I was looking for a country where I can learn English but where I can also work,” says Guillherme. “Dublin lets me do this and it means I can learn more English in school and at work.”

Finding work in Dublin

Guillherme found it quite easy to find work in Ireland and says he is happy in his job, though he admits it can be tough at times.

“I work night shifts in a warehouse, so the hours are long and when I have my classes in the morning it can be tiring. But I speak English with my friends at work; Irish friends and other nationalities.”

\”There are a lot of nice parks in Dublin.\”

Why I am renewing with City Language School

Both Guillherme and his girlfriend are renewing with City Language School 

“I had a lot of good teachers,” he says. “My teachers were like friends. They talked a lot and helped me a lot. Any documents I needed, they sent me straight away. I participated in the lunchtime classes too.”

As well as enjoying his work and his classes, Guilherme is a big fan of Dublin and says that it is an “amazing place”.

“There are a lot of nice parks here. The Botanic Gardens. Howth I think is my favourite place in Ireland. Lots of nice people. The weather…in the winter it’s cold but it is not as cold as Canada. I have made a lot of friends here and some Irish friends too. I want to thank everyone in City Language School. It is very nice and that is why I am renewing.”

Your Language School in Dublin City Centre

City Language School is right in the heart of Dublin City Centre. Dublin is the proud and vibrant capital of Ireland and with its cosmopolitan and modern feel, it has repeatedly been voted Europe’s friendliest city by Trip Advisor. Dublin boasts strong links with literature, music, dance and storytelling. As you walk through the streets of Temple Bar, you can absorb the musical tradition which spills onto the streets from the many bars and restaurants; truly a city of enormous beauty! Dublin is surrounded by breath-taking natural scenery that will leave you with lifelong memories. It is perfectly located on the eastern coastline of Ireland and is a convenient gateway to the rest of Europe.