Great to be Back – A Visit to Kilmainham Gaol!

We are really are making the most of life coming back to normal at City Language School and are busy getting out and about with our students showing them the cultural riches of our great city. Last week, teachers extraordinaire Sophia and Padraig took a select platoon of students to vist one of Ireland\’s most important buildings, Kilmainham Gaol.

\”The trip to Kilmainham Gaol was outstanding,\” says Sophia. \”It\’s listed as one of the top-rated attractions in Dublin for a reason. The place is full of history, history that our students need to be familiarized with. The tour guide, Adam, made sure we could all understand and \’feel\’ the place to the fullest. We got to see the East Wing and also the cells where the Irish Rebels were kept and later on, executed.\”

\”I felt overwhelmed but at the same time really lucky that I had the chance to be there and learn even more about Ireland and its history. Our students enjoyed it a lot and kept talking about it in class the next day.\”

The main prison has been used in many scenes from movies over the years, including In the Name of the Father and the original Italian Job with Micahel Caine.

In 1916 a small group of revolutionaires tried to remove British rule from Ireland in the easter Rising. The Rising itself was an absolute disaster and many of the leaders were rounded up and shot at this very spot. Though the Rising was not a sucess, it lead the War of Indpependence which ultimately brought an end to British rule in twenty-six counties (it\’s complicated).

\”Kilmainham Gaol is one of the most popular places to visit in Dublin,\” says Social Media Officer, Johnny Butler. \”It\’s funny because when you think of a prison, it\’s not exactly the most glamorous of places. But there are so many interesting stories related to the place you can\’t help but come away from it enriched. We are delighted to be able to bring students to these places again and a huge thanks to Kilmainham for organising it for us.\”

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