\”The School has Great Teachers\”

At the end of his course at City Language School, we caught up with Aurelin Le Borgne from Nantes in France to talk about \”great teachers\” and his time in Dublin. The 24-year-old has just completed his university degree in Business and Marketing and was in Dublin to “improve his English”.


Why choose Dublin to study English?

Honestly, I think it was because of the culture of the city. My friends told me it was really nice and I wanted to come here. This is my first time here. I have been here for five months.

Where did you stay in Dublin?

I stayed with a host family in Rathfarnaham, Ann and Bob O\’Sullivan. They were really nice. They didn’t do it for money. Some host families just take your money and give you something to eat. This family was not like this. They spoke to me all the time and cooked a lot. 

Did you like Dublin?

Dublin is a good city for parties and I like going to the pubs but it is a little expensive in places but that is the only negative.

Did you enjoy City Language School?

The school has great teachers. I had Kieran and Stuart and Trudie was my teacher in the conversation class. They were great I had a small problem at the beginning but it was sorted out straight away. When I got here I was pre-intermediate and now I am upper-intermediate.


Are you happy?

Yes. I think my English really improved. I can have conversations now. I started playing and coaching handball in UCD and when I started it was really difficult to understand and speak with them, I think because it was really cosmopolitan with people from the USA, France, Spain and all over Europe and China. And the accents were really different and most people have very high level of English because they are studying degrees so it was great for practicing my English.