Getting ready for your summer camp? Here are 7 tips from us….

We at City Language School are really looking forward to our upcoming summer camps. We can\’t wait to welcome you to our locations throughout Ireland and the UK and we know we will have lots of fun. Before you come we would love you to help us out a little by just reading a little bit of advice we have for you about preparing. It is not a big deal but there are some tips here that might help you before you come to stay with us. See you soon guys! 

Make a list

Making a list of everything you need to bring will help you to organise your child for their stay with us. You can also use the list making exercise as an opportunity to get them excited about the summer camp. Make sure you think about clothes, medicine, travel documents, contact numbers, money, luggage, luggage size. Why not write the list in English to help them with their vocabulary?


Summers in Scotland, Ireland and England can be very nice with temperatures as high as thirty degrees on really good days so bring lots of sunscreen and make sure you put it on. Weather can also be mixed though and you might get days where it will pour with rain yet it can still remain warm. Because of this it is worth bringing a good rain jacket that is light but strong. If you are coming to experience summer in Limassol then we suggest you bring lots of sunscreen and a hat!

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Label it

If it’s yours why not put your name on it. This will ensure that things don’t get lost and there is no problems or arguments over who owns what.


If your children are going away from home for the first time and they might be nervous. You could prepare them by arranging sleepovers with friends in the weeks leading to their adventure with Oscars. Maybe they are coming with friends from school or the local area. Why not arrange a sleepover with the people they are coming with? This will help to build their confidence and will get them used to sleeping away from home so that when they come to do it in a foreign country it will be easier.

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Learn some basics

Find out ten facts about the destination you are flying to: the population, the main attractions, what it’s famous for. This will give campers a sense of place and familiarity before they come.

Why not find ten buildings online so that when they come to DublinEdinburgh London or Limassol they will know something about them and have a sense of place.

When you have done that it is not a bad idea to subtly work in some pictures of police, the airline they are flying with or emergency numbers just so they know what these things look like in the unlikely situation they will need them. A few phrases such as I need help, I have hurt my leg and so on would also be useful to know.

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Bring old clothes

Whether you are playing rugby in Oatridge or working with animals at Moulton you will be getting dirty. Make sure you pack lots of old clothes or at least ones that you are happy to get dirty on a regular basis.

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Let us know

If there is anything that is of any concern to you or your children please, please let us know. There is nothing we haven’t heard before and if we know about it beforehand we can cater for it.

Are you afraid of heights? Do you not like water? Are you unable to swim properly?

Please do not be shy. We want you to have a good time with us. We are here to help you and to make sure you enjoy yourself.