FREE COFFEE FRIDAY – Come and help us choose our new coffee!!!

Learning English can be tough going. \’Tea\’ and \’tee\’ sound the same but aren\’t the same, neither are \’which\’ and \’witch\’ and it\’s a fine line between \’sheet\’ and \’shit\’. So when you\’ve had \’enough\’ of learning that \’enough\’ has the same ending as \’stuff\’ it\’s time for a coffee (not coughy).


At City Language School, we want our students to have the best of everything. We already have the best teachers, the best location and the best #GrammarGuru and now we want you to have the best lattes, cappuccinos and, yes, hot chocolate.

So this Friday between 12pm – 2pm we want you to choose what brand of coffee our brand new brand of coffee will be in our city centre school.

Luke O\’Farrell of will be in the student room from 12pm and he wants you to taste his coffee.

On the day, there will be several top quality brands of coffee to choose from including Illy and Mitaca. We want you to then tell us which one you prefer and we will make our decision for your new coffee machine based on your feedback.

\”From the Swiss Aequator bean to cup and Mitaca pod machines to the artisan authentic Italian coffees, we cater for all tastes and requirements.\”

As well as the perk you will  get from all this free coffee, Oscars is offering 10 free coffees to the person who posts the best photo with the caption \’#BestCoffeeInDublin\’ on our Facebook page.

See you Friday for a coffee!