City Language School Dublin

Fernando not ready Ta Co Back Home Just Yet

Fernando Cerón Antonio from Michoacan in Mexico came to Dublin in late 2018. He studied English at City Language School for six months before finishing with us in May. He intends to stay on in Ireland for a while. We asked him for a chat about his time here and what he thinks of Dublin.

Why did you decide to study English at City Language School?

“At the beginning I was really interested to study at a university in Canada. I went to Canada for MONTH but I knew it was really hard to get into university there. So I went to an agency and they showed me the different options and opportunities and I picked Dublin because it was quite different. I had other options like Malta and Sydney but I said to myself Dublin why not.”

Was it a good decision?

Yes I have enjoyed my time. I arrived October 4th last year.

I live on Thomas Street near the Guinness Storehouse which is quite close tot he school and obviously the city centre. I like Dublin it’s different from Mexico. The people are different. I like the people. They are friendly. It’s a different environment. The food is very different.

Did you get a job easily in Dublin?

I started working one month after I arrived. I work in security. It was quite easy to find work. My landlord actually suggested it to me. It’s a good job. I’m going to stay a little longer in Ireland. I will go back for a holiday but I think I will come back.

What was your experience like at City Language School?

The teachers are very nice and everyone is nice.