Facundo\’s journey from Elementary to Advanced English at City Language School

Facundo Furtado from Uruguay has been studying English with us at City Language School for well over a year. We were delighted to have the chance to catch with him recently and have a chat about his life in Dublin and his time with us at our city centre campus.

English is really important

\”I came to Dublin in February 2020,\” says the 31-year-old. \”In Uruguay I studied Business, Marketing and then Psychology. I was working in budgeting for an organisation in Uruguay. I wanted to improve my English because I like communicating with other people. If you want to work, for example in South America, English is really valued. I did a lot of research on different countries and Ireland has a lot of advantages. You can earn a good salary here, you are in Europe so it\’s easy to visit the rest of Europe quite cheaply and above all they permit students to study and work at the same time. That\’s very good.\”

Living in Dublin

Facundo says he has lived in many different parts of the city. At the moment, he is an honorary northsider and lives near Fairview Park in Dublin 3. Through his work he has got to know the city very well.


\”I\’m working as a delivery driver while I\’m here and it takes me all over the city. I really like it. There are a lot of parks and green spaces in Dublin where you can chill out with friends and I love that. I also think Irish people are friendly. I play football every week with a group of guys who are all Irish and that\’s great for learning English. Dublin is a multi-cultural city so you can always find something new. At the same time it\’s full of history, like the rest of Europe. That\’s different from Uruguay which is a very young country.\”

Jumping from Elementary to Advanced

Of course the team at City Language School in Dublin has also been a big help. Since arriving, Facundo has jumped from Elementary level English to Advanced. Most of that progress is down to his own hard work and dedication but he is full of praise for his teachers.

Facundo at The Iveagh Gardens in Dublin city centre

\”I have worked with Luca and Sophia,\” he says. \”They have been great. Both of them wonderful and they always try to find new ways to help us learn, especially when it comes to grammar. When you hear the word grammar, you think \’Oh God\’ but they make it fun and interesting. The classmates are also great. They come form everywhere. Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Chile and I\’m sure I have forgotten some places.\”

For now, Facundo has no plans to travel back to Uruguay and is looking forward to spending a little more time in Dublin.

\”I\’m glad to be in Dublin and in the school,\” he says. \”It\’s been a really good experience for me.\”

City Language School is right in the heart of Dublin City Centre. Dublin is the proud and vibrant capital of Ireland and with its cosmopolitan and modern feel, it has repeatedly been voted Europe’s friendliest city by Trip Advisor. Dublin boasts strong links with literature, music, dance and storytelling. As you walk through the streets of Temple Bar, you can absorb the musical tradition which spills onto the streets from the many bars and restaurants; truly a city of enormous beauty! Dublin is surrounded by breath-taking natural scenery that will leave you with lifelong memories. It is perfectly located on the eastern coastline of Ireland and is a convenient gateway to the rest of Europe.

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