Events in Dublin this week

Are you looking for some events in Dublin this week? At City Language School English School Dublin we \’recommend culture\’ and we let our students know what’s going on in the great city (aka town). This week we have a look at three events that are happening near Dublin City Centre and further afield over the next few days.

Events in Dublin this week

DUBLIN BOWIE FESTIVAL – 8th – 12th January – Dublin City Centre

David Bowie loved Dublin and came here as often as he could. Dublin also loved David Bowie so when he died four years ago this January there was a general air of doom and gloom hanging above the Liffey. This festival will be five years old this year and it promises to be the biggest one yet. Some of Bowie\’s former collaborators will be in Dublin to talk about their work with the great man and the city will be awash with great gigs, talks and exhibitions celebrating his life. Some of it is FREE, some of it is not so free.

Events in Dublin this week

Football Training with Dublin\’s Gay Football Team  – Tuesdays & Thursdays – Phoenix Park

Dublin Devils FC is a gay and inclusive football club that welcomes anyone who loves football – gay, bi or straight.  They train every Tuesday and Thursday, usually in the Phoenix Park at 7:30pm and play indoor soccer on Saturdays at 1 in YMCA, Aungier Street. They do sometimes change location so check the times on their Facebook Page.

Conversation Salon – Part of First Fortnight Festival – FREE

Ok so just to be clear this is not a conversation exchange to help you improve your English. This is a conversation salon designed to talk about things with strangers that you maybe wouldn\’t talk with your family or even best friends about. You will be put together at a table of people you have never met before, you will be given a \’menu\’ of topics to choose from and you will be asked to talk about those topics. It covers everything from God to religion, women\’s rights to gay rights, Trump to Bolsonaro – anything is possible.

This is really well-worth doing but you would need to be at least an Upper-Int or more to get the most out of it. The event is FREE but you must register before going.

The Conversation Salon is part of the First Fortnight Festival, an event which focusses on mental health issues.