English Pronunciation – \’l\’ versus \’r\’

City Language School is the premier English Language School in Dublin. Every Tuesday we post videos aimed at helping our students and people who visit our Facebook page and Instagram page. The #TuesdayTipClip is a short lesson devised by our very own #GrammarGuru.

How do I pronounce l and r in English?

This week we are focusing on the pronunciation of \’l\’ and \’r\’. For some nationalities, particularly Japanese and Koreans these can be difficult. This is no other reason for this other than the fact the sounds are not distinguished in many Asian languages. The pronunciation of \’r\’ before certain vowels can also be difficult for some speakers of Portuguese.

In this short video we teach you how to make those sounds and crucially how to practice and improve. It can in fact be quite tiring and a little difficult to start with but it\’s worth making the effort.