5 English Language Tips & Solutions for your New Year English Language Resolution!

Resolution is an interesting word. It is the noun of the verb resolve. When we resolve to do something, it is like we make a promise to ourselves. We are determined to achieve something. We stay strong and work hard to achieve our goals. At City Language School we want to help you to get your 2022 in English Language Learning off to a good start. So here are some English Language tips and tricks to get you off the mark.

Label things

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Repition and association are often useful when it comes to learning a new language. Think about how babies acquire language. Someone points at something and puts a collection of sounds together to identify the object. Do this over and over again and gradually you get communication. We suggest you put labels everywhere in your house. Put yellow post-it notes on your furniture, blue post-its on your appliances, orange post-its in the bathroom and so on. If you find something in your house and donlt know what it is in English, find out and put a label on it. Make sure English is in your face, everywhere, 24/7 and give yourself as many visual aids as you possibly can.

Find a job

Getting a job is a great way to learn a new language. Getting a job in a place where you have to think quickly is great for your language skills and also your friendships. Be careful that the job doesn’t limit your vocabulary but use it as a platform to build confidence and get to know native speakers. Often you will learn slang and more everyday language on the job than you might in a classroom so be open to working in places where people don\’t speak your native language and dive head first into the culture.

Fall in Love

One of the quickest ways of learning a second language is having a relationship with a person who speaks your target language as their first language. Of course, this might not be for everyone but if you do happen to find that special someone, be sure to tell them that it’s O.K. to correct you (just maybe not all the time).

Make mistakes

This is one of the most important English tips. When you are learning a second language it is natural to try to ‘translate’ directly from your own language. I remember, a friend of mine, years ago a German exchange student shouted that he had \”an animal in my eye\” when an insect flew into it. We got the idea but it wasn\’t exactly an animal – like an elephant or a bald eagle. Many Italians, for example, will say ‘make a shower’ because it translates from the Italian fare una doccia (fare = to do/to make). Even though everyone can understand them from the context, this collocation is incorrect and should of course be have/take a shower. Mistakes like these are known as interference (from your first language) and are perfectly normal. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but don’t take it personally when you are corrected or indeed laughed at.

Pronunciation Pairs

English LAnguage Tips

This is one of our favourite tips. If you find it difficult to pronounce a word you have just learnt in English try to pair it with another word or other words you are familiar with. English spelling is very difficult and for that reason pronunciation often doesn’t make sense. For example the word through looks nothing like too or you but it is pronounced the same way. Try writing these three words down together and saying them out loud. IN this way you are telling your brain to believe your ears and not just your eyes. It works.

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