Jessé loves lively Dublin

Jessé Miguel Camara arrived in Ireland in early May 2017. When he turned up for his first day at our English Language School in Dublin, the 23-year-old from San Paolo was a post-Elementary student just about to begin a twenty-five week course at Pre-Intermediate level. In October, he finished his course with an Intermediate level certificate from City Language School and a new set of lifelong friends.

Jessé (bottom left) with his classmates and teacher Rob

 Why did you decide to come Dublin?

I heard before I come here that Dublin is a very nice place to stay and very friendly people. I can study and work here and I can also travel around Europe. It’s so close.

Where do you live in Dublin?

I used to live in Blanchardstown in Dublin 15. It was a little far away. But I found a job two months ago so I had to move to the city centre because sometimes I leave my job after 11pm so I didn’t have bus to Blanchardstown. Now I live in Mountjoy Square in Dublin 1, so it’s close.

It’s great that you found a job. Where do you work?

I work in the Dawson Hotel and Spa. I work as a porter. I welcome guests and bring their bags to the rooms. That’s good for my English and sometimes I stay at reception to help people.

What did you do in Brazil?

I studied to be an electrician and I worked for a big company.

Do you ever use that experience in the hotel?

Sometimes I change a bulb in the hotel room. No, here I’m not allowed.

Have you enjoyed the school?

Yes. The teachers are nice and friendly and they pay attention. I think I found nice classmates too. You can have a great teacher but it also depends on the people in the class.

Do you like Dublin?

Dublin is amazing. It’s lively too which is good for me and it’s safe too. One of the reasons that I came here is because of the safety.